Our Features


A state-of-the-art, semi-automated facility with tunnel washing technology from Kannegiesser, Germany, and can process 15,000 kg of linen in one shift. The Facility is constructed in a sprawling 3-acre land with proximity to Colombo.

Automated bagging system

Segregated soiled linen are loaded into our automated overhead bagging system. This system will accurately track your linen whilst correctly queuing for washing as per linen type and wash program.

Continuous batch washing

Kannegiesser’s ‘PowerTrans’ technology has up to 2000kg/hour of washing and drying in one automated process – minimizing physical contact (mechanical and human). This ensures effective detergent dosage, steam injection and water conditioning best suitable for each linen type.

Washer Extractors & Dryers

This traditional washing line has a total capacity of 750kg/hour, and is a redundancy measure in case of unexpected downtime in the CBW. Also, washer extractors are effective for washing smaller and specialized loads of linen (such as Food & Beverage items). This line also has a dedicated line of dryers powered by LPG to minimize drying times and optimize energy consumption.

Flatwork Ironers

With automated feed-in, linen alignment and multiple folding options available, this flat-work ironer provides high quality finishes for both small and large linen items. Unlike most ironers in Sri Lanka, these are equipped with internal heating elements and pressure regulators ensuring maximum, steady heating and faster processing cycles.

Complete uniform finishing line

Our Steam Tunnel, advanced shirt presses, trouser ironers and form finishers are part of a complete uniform finishing line that offers unmatched quality! For dry cleaning, we use eco-friendly hydrocarbons instead of the traditional and toxic PERC.

Stringent Quality


At Cleanline we pride ourselves in our service standards and continuous quality assurance to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality linen and products to our customers.

Experience and Expertise

Our team is a unique mixture of industrialists and laundry professionals from both locally and internationally recognized companies and hotels. This combination and collective experience of over 120 years have been instrumental in streamlining an otherwise small-scale industry in Sri Lanka.

Water treatment and Recycling

Wastewater generated at our facility is treated and recycled (using ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis) back into the washing process. Whilst up to 50% is recycled, the balance 50% is used for irrigation in adjacent plantations highlighting both water conservation, recycling and reuse.

No Polluting Emissions

Instead of heavily polluting fossil fuels like diesel and furnace oil, Cleanline uses the greener, cleaner and efficient, LPG further reducing negative environmental impacts from our laundry process.

Reduction in Single Use Plastics

We are the only laundry to provide linen trolleys for the delivery of clean linen and collection of soiled linen as per international hospitality standards. It eliminates single use plastics in daily packaging thereby reducing the plastic waste dumped in Sri Lanka’s landfills

Biodegradable Chemicals

Cleanline has tested and developed their own range of biodegradable detergents and chemicals that retains efficacy, reduces fabric damage and minimizes negative environmental impact whilst ensuring our pricing remain competitive in the market.